Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Great Review!

This post is out of character for this blog, but I couldn't help it! I am so excited about this review for The Ancient Realm that I had to share it. I didn't write The Ancient Realm to become a writer. I wrote The Ancient Realm to use a great story to show the world the planet and the concerns facing it.

“The Ancient Realm is a great book for teens that adds a mythological twist to the environmental problems our planet is facing. It is really interesting how the Guardians protect their own little part of the world. This page turning novel starts with eleven-year-old Agnes, a girl who lives on the shores of Nova Scotia. Her adventure starts with a mysterious babysitter that sets her world into a whirl by introducing her to the Ancient Realm. On her adventure, Agnes goes to many parts of the world, where the author greatly describes Agnes’ surroundings with precise detail. Another reason I liked this book is because it really puts to light some of the terrible things happening in our environment. An example of this is when the Japanese water Guardian died of mercury poisoning from her area that she guarded. Also, the large amount of characters in this book are all well developed and all have their special part of the story. The author additionally fully explains the world of the Guardians and their battle against the Mountain Kings. The author cleverly does this using Agnes’s inauguration into the Ancient Realm. This thrilling book is sure to please anyone looking for a nice tale of adventure. After reading this book my first thoughts were if there would be a sequel to this book. If there well be I will be gladly waiting for it! Having read this nicely crafted book, I would certainly recommend it to many of my friends.” 
Andrew Dubsky, twelve-years-old

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