Monday, February 13, 2012

Another Great Review!

I am so honored to receive reviews like this. To all my readers, thank you so much!
I would love to know how you got the idea and how you thought of Agnes, who is just perfect for the job.  The nature descriptions and the feeling of connection between various areas of our world are so necessary these days.  We all should be aware of what Nature can do and what we can do to help it, both the good and the bad, as Agnes explained to Torin.  I actually felt a bit sorry for him, he reminded me of the NY Times article about 8 year old kids who are attached to suicide bombs and then are told that they will not be hurt and that they will save their country. 
I hope for more stories to come.  The combination of Princes and Princesses and the message is brilliant! 
Lucy Bollman, Huletts Landing, NY
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